About Alan E Bayer Enterprises LLC

Alan E Bayer Enterprises is a web marketing, web development, and web media company. Alan E Bayer is the principal. To learn a little more about Alan, please visit the About Alan page. To see some of Alan’s work, please visit his Portfolio.

Web Marketing:

AEB LLC provides internet marketing consulting and services. Alan has experience working with several different types of internet marketing, including: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), Email marketing, Web 2.0 and social media marketing, as well as internet marketing research and strategy.

Alan has also done much work in the field of e-commerce, and has much experience in the day-to-day operations of e-commerce websites and businesses, as well as solid e-commerce sales experience.

Web Development:

AEB LLC specializes in developing websites built on the WordPress Blogging/Content Management System. While many web developers use a wide variety of content management systems and languages to build websites, it is Alan’s firm belief that WordPress is the future of the internet, and is capable of doing eveything that most website owners need in a site. In addition, WordPress is very easy to use, and many website owners like that they can work on their websites without the assistance (and billing) of their web developer. This site runs WordPress. Pretty slick, huh?

Web Media:

When AEB LLC doesn’t have any clients to serve, we are busy building our portfolio of web sites. It is our goal to have at least 100 by the end of 2010. Our websites span a wide variety of topics for a wide variety of audiences. These websites also act as a portfolio of work, and showcase Alan’s abilities. We truly “practice what we preach”, and use our own sites as guinea pigs to learn more about what works online and what doesn’t.

How We Do Business:

Alan E Bayer Enterprises LLC is all about making sure you’re completely satisfied. The most important part of your satisfaction is not fixing the project to your liking at the end of the project, but in establishing the goals and requirements of the project before doing anything.

Our process is simple:
Planning > Action + Revisions > Follow-up

Every project that we take on goes through a complete planning and research process. We work with you closely to iron out any kinks before we start our actual work. We aim to educate you about what we are doing, why it’s important, and how you’ll benefit from it.

After the planning and research phase, we develop an action plan and get to work. We keep you informed of what we’re doing as we efficiently perform all of the steps outlined in the action plan. We value your input during this phase, and aim to fix problems early before they become a huge task to fix.

After the action phase, we offer a generous follow-up and quality assurance phase that will tie up all of the loose ends, give you the knowledge you need as a website owner, and includes additional consultation.

Whether you are having a website built from scratch, or simply need your website optimized or marketed, we aim to get it done quickly and properly.

We’re Green!

Alan E Bayer Enterprises is committed to keeping the Earth clean and beautiful.

As a web-based business, we don’t need to use the same sort of resources that many businesses do. One of the main advantages of the business is the fact that so much correspondence can be done electronically without the use of paper. We rarely travel. We hardly ever use pens, pencils, and other stuff that will eventually get thrown away. We aim to reduce or re-use any resource that we can. We believe in limiting our impact on the environment, and consciously work towards this goal.

Plus, it makes complete business sense by lowering cost and increasing profits. Hooray!